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Reliable Tree Stump Removal DIY Techniques

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How to Get Rid of a Tree Stump

  1. Remove any bushes close to the tree stump in order to create space for you to maneuver around.
  2. Decrease the top trunk portion but leave a part of the trunk just enough for excellent hold.
  3. Cut away any ivy or sod on the surface with the use of a spade or shovel.
  4. Expose the roots of the tree by digging around the tree trunk. Break up any stony or hard ground using a pick-ax.
  5. Clear away the soil underneath any roots that you find to allow an easier cut with the use of a bow saw.
  6. Use a bow saw or an ax to cut the tree roots.
  7. Cut the next tree root you find.
  8. Rock the trunk in order to loosen the tree roots and find where the rest of the roots are.
  9. Expose all the roots and then cut them off. Swing the tree trunk after you cut every root.

Safety Measures When Removing a Tree Stump

Do not start the work without wearing personal safety gears such as gloves, protective goggles as well as ear muffs. In addition to that, you should also wear protective footwear to keep you from injuring your feet. Swing the pick-ax in a downward motion so that you will not accidentally hit your leg or foot in the event that you miss your target. Aside from that, you may also use protective goggles in order to keep your eyes safe from soil particles and other forms of debris which can fly to your eyes while you dig out and cut the tree roots.

Get Rid of the Surrounding Vegetation

With the use of hedge shears or a petrol hedge trimmer, remove any vegetation which surrounds the tree stump. As a matter of fact, it will provide you with enough space to maneuver around the area while eliminating the tree stump. Cut off the top part of your tree and then, leave just enough part for a convenient leverage when swinging the tree trunk.

Cut Away Surface Cover

Get rid of the ivy or grass which covers the surface with the use of hedge shears or a petrol hedge trimmer.

Clear Tree Roots of Surface Cover

Clear the rest of the top growth such as grass or ivy with a spade or shovel. It is actually much easier to dig the surface without the ground cover. You should also ensure that the spade or shovel is very sharp to make the digging procedure faster.

Begin to Dig the Soil that Surrounds the Tree Roots

If the surface is stony or hard, use a spade or pick-ax to break it up. Then, gather the soil that you have dug to one area. Keep any stones or rocks you stumble upon since you may use them for drainage.

Clear Soil from Underneath the First Root

Remove any soil that surrounds the base as well as underneath the tree roots. This will also make everything easier for the saw or spade to cut through the tree roots. If you think you can’t be able to do it successfully, then it’s best that you contact a professional Cincinnati tree stump removal.

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