What to Do While Waiting for Your Tow Service? 

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Flat tires, dead engine and many more are just common car problems most drivers encounter. These are the things that you cannot avoid and cannot predict when to happen. Whether you need towing or winching service, it is essential to look for a tow service company. So whenever minor problems happened, you are ready.  

If you find yourself getting car problem, here are the dos and don’ts that you should do. 

Tow Service

Dos When Waiting for Tow Service 

  1. Do get out of the road as soon as possible. If your car can easily be driven to the side of the road, make sure to drive safely on that side. This is to avoid causing more traffic on the road. If your engine is dead, as soon as the traffic lighten, just push slowly the vehicles to the roadside. Not all drivers’ focus is on the road, make sure that the emergency light is one. Some drivers are going fast so you better be careful. For your safety and the motorist, just go to the side of the road and stay there until help comes.
  2. Do turn on your signal light indicating that you are not moving. Even during daytime, you have to turn on the light to signal other drivers. This will indicate that your car is not working. It also helps your visibility at night, to indicate that there is a car parked at the center or side of the road. The hazard light is located on the side of the steering wheel. Usually, the color is red in a triangular icon.
  3. Do stay where you are until help arrives. If your engine died and won’t restart, just stay inside your car. Put your seatbelt. Just wait for your tow truck to arrive. If you did manage to go to a safe place, be careful in getting out of the door. Look at your left and your right before going out. Technically, you are still on a highway, so you just be vigilant always.

Don’ts While Waiting for Tow Service 

  1. Don’t ever get out of the car and check the damage. If you are on a fast highway, getting out of your car can be a very dangerous move. Do not exit your vehicle because it might be safer inside. Even just opening the door of your car is already dangerous.
  2. Don’t talk to strangers. Be vigilant in accepting help. Not everyone who shows a good side has good intentions. Some of them you don’t know is just waiting for someone to be a victim. Don’t talk to strangers even if they offer a ride. Your tow service will be there and that’s the only help you need.
  3. Don’t leave personal things unattended. If you are inside your vehicle, make sure you gather your personal belongings such as a purse, cell phone, laptop, bag and any other important documents. So, when the tow truck arrives, you can get your things immediately out of the car. This is it to avoid damage, getting lost or even stolen.
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